Welcome to Virtual Assistance From The Hart!

I’m Victoria; a very accomplished and dedicated former Social Media Manager of 4 years! 


I have recently decided to focus on Virtual Assistance, due to many, many reasons (see my About page to learn more!)


So…. What IS a Virtual Assistant?


A Virtual Assistant is a skilled individual with expertise, tangible skills that can help you, as an Entrepreneur and Busy Owner to save both time and money. 


For myself, I focus on Admin, Social Media, Graphic Design + Business VA tasks.

As you run your business, you can let me take care of the details without fear as I organize everything for you!


Most tasks you can outsource to save time and money, I can do for you at an expert level at this point in my journey.


So, what are the 5 MAIN benefits (although there are SO MANY more), and why should you hire ME?

Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Social Media Credibility

Social Media is more crucial than EVER (especially due to Covid) - It is reported that 80% of people will check the Online Presence of a company before ever purchasing from them.

Save Time

By assigning tasks to me, you can save so much time to get your own work done as a Business Owner. You can work on running your business, while I stay on top of the Organizational and Day-to-Day Content.

Professional Audits + Strategies

Have a professional do a full audit of your Online Presence, to tell you where you can improve and what you are doing well, plus choosing the most prominent and beneficial Social Media Platforms based on your brand.

Save Money

YOU WILL SAVE MONEY- No overhead costs, no benefits, no training required and no hourly wage! It is all based on the hours of work completed by me (which I will forward to you weekly).

Stay Up To Date With Algorithms and Industry Trends

Social Media trends + algorithms change ALL THE TIME! Unless you are a Professional in this area, it can be very difficult to keep track of. Well, that’s why you got me!